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"This is a good school with outstanding features" Ofsted 2008

  • Thursday 2nd October 2014 - Year 4 Presentation 'Enjoying the Success of Others'
  • Thursday 2nd October 2014 - Class 1R/W Presentation Being Healthy
  • Friday 3rd October 2014 - School Closed for Eid (Staff Training Day)
  • Monday 6th October 2014 - School Open at 8.50am


Welcome to Brandwood Community School

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Welcome to Brandwood Community Primary School

Our school is a multi-cultural, community school, which we are really proud of. We are a Level 2 Rights Respecting School and we understand that everyone has the right to: learn, be safe, be cared for and feel respected. We take our responsibilities very seriously to make sure that all children and adults at Brandwood receive these rights.

All children in our school work very hard to achieve their best, we also work hard so that other people can achieve their best too. We fundraise for local and global charities to ensure that other people in our community and in the world around us can receive their rights.

We hope that you enjoy learning about our school and find the website very informative and useful!

Brandwood School Council


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